We recently had the chance to pet sit some pugs, and after they were at my house for 4 days, I have to say, I’m now slightly obsessed with pugs. My interaction with pugs previous to last weekend was limited to the random ones that came into the shelter every now and then, and even so, they usually got adopted after a day, so I never spent any extensive time with this breed. But now, I have a whole new appreciation for this pugs. I love them.  I. love. pugs. I don’t know if they all have similar personalities to that of Harley and Princess, but I will admit, I immediately was logging on to Petfinder and Pugalug to look up rescue pugs that I could hypothetically adopt.  And obviously while there are differences among dogs in the breed, I think it’s an okay generalization to say that pugs are easy-going and would make great family dogs. They love to eat and snore adorably while sleeping. They are fairly low energy dogs, but still need to be walked on a daily basis.

I’m always interested in reading about the history of dog breeds because…well, I guess because I’m a nerd, but also because it helps to understand the character traits certain breeds have and it’s easy to understand why some dogs do what they do.  Anyways! Pugs originate from China, where they were bred to be lap dogs for Chinese royals. They spread to Tibet, where they were kept by Tibetan Monks, then Japan and then to Europe. This sentence from Wikipedia cracked me up for some reason: “The exact origins of the pug are unknown, as Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, destroyed all records, scrolls and art related to the pug at some point during his reign which lasted between 221 and 210 BCE.” Ummm ,why Emperor Huang??  Anyway, they eventually grew in popularity due to royals carrying them around everywhere (although they were also used as guard dogs and tracking dogs). There are actually tons of amusing historical pug anecdotes, but I won’t get into them all here.  Pugs in their various forms are one of the oldest breeds of dogs, they have been around for thousands of years, and I suppose it says something about their amazing nature that they have stayed around for so long and remained so incredibly popular!

Here are some pictures from some of our pet sitting adventures with pugs (and by adventures, I really mean being lazy around the house…)

I can’t wait to visit with them again!


-Post by Megan